Boat by the Weaver's restaurant A boatman rowing up the River Stour Member of staff on the King's Bridge, Canterbury Rowing up the Stour One of our captains waving from a boat A boat giving a river tour Some happy customers on the bridge in Canterbury high street The Weavers on the Stour Staff on the bridge in Canterbury, Kent Rowing past ASK restaurant on a river tour

Canterbury Historic River Tours Answers Your Many Questions

Questions, questions!

When are you open?

Canterbury Historic River Tours is open 7 days a week from March to October (weather and river conditions pending). The first tours of the day are booked from 10am with the last tour of the day normally at 5pm (this is sometimes extended during the summer months).

Where are you?

Canterbury Historic River Tours is ideally situated on the King's Bridge, St Peter's Street in between ASK restaurant and the Old Weavers House, and only a few minutes walk from the Cathedral. If you can see the Infamous Old Ducking stool, you've found us - see the map.

Where can we park our car or coach?

Canterbury has various car parks around the city centre, and some disabled car-parks in the city centre. (Orange Street + Iron Bar lane) However the paid car-parks only allow parking for a few hours at a time and you may be better off utilising Canterbury's very effective park and ride services which allows all day parking at reduced rates from three different sites on the outskirts of Canterbury (for coach parking please see our groups pages).

Do we need to book?

There is no need to book unless you're a group of more than 12 (click here for group bookings). Our tours leave every 15-20minutes and can be booked on the day by approaching our Head Boatman on King's Bridge outside the Old Weavers Restaurant, St. Peters Street. Even on busy days, guests will rarely have to wait more than 15 minutes for a river tour.

What happens if it rains?

If it is only light rain we will still operate throughout the day, as we offer umbrellas for your comfort. In extreme weather or river conditions we will not operate as our customer's safety is always our first priority. If you are planning to visit us and you are unsure about the weather on the day, feel free to call us on 07790 534744.

Can I take photographs?

Of course, please feel free to photograph the river or our boatmen. We do ask out of consideration for the other passengers and the safety of our boatman you limit the amount of flash photography used. Our tour is copyrighted by the business, and any video must have permission from us prior to the tour and also permission is required for footage to be used for published viewing eg YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Is it accessible for the disabled?

While every effort is made to accommodate all our guests, it is necessary to navigate a few steps to get to the boat, and during the tour you require some mobility to duck under low bridges. Those who can walk a few steps with a bit of help should talk to the Head Boatmen who will be happy to arrange extra assistance.

For more information please feel free to view our access statement.

How often do the tours run?

The frequency of tours depends on season and demand, typically running every 20 minutes on a weekday and every 15 minutes on a weekend. If demand is high, we typically operate more boats to keep waiting times to a minimum.

What is the capacity of the boats?

Each boat holds a maximum of 12 passengers, to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for all our guests. Groups larger than 12 will go out together on separate boats.

Are the boats stable?

Our Customer Safety is always our first priority. Most of the boats we use are ex-safety sea boats from yacht clubs and are very stable and regularly checked. The River in general is slow moving and fairly shallow and controlled by floodgates at one end of the river. Should you have any doubts or queries please speak to our Head Boatmen who will be happy to assist you, or organise for you to travel in one of our larger vessels.