Boat by the Weaver's restaurant A boatman rowing up the River Stour Member of staff on the King's Bridge, Canterbury Rowing up the Stour One of our captains waving from a boat A boat giving a river tour Some happy customers on the bridge in Canterbury high street The Weavers on the Stour Staff on the bridge in Canterbury, Kent Rowing past ASK restaurant on a river tour

The Environment And Canterbury's River Stour

The natural beauty of the river and its surrounding gardens, orchards and islands are as important to our guests' enjoyment of the tour as the stunning historic architecture. Protecting the river's wildlife and preserving the beauty of the river for our current and future guests is too important to be treated as an afterthought. Over the years, Canterbury Historic River Tours has worked carefully with the Environment Agency and Canterbury Council to ensure our operation has a positive impact on the river's ecosystem. Our boatmen routinely clear weeds and rubbish from the Stour.

All our boats are powered and bailed by hand, without engines or pumps. Guests are handed postcards, rather than glossy flyers, giving them the option of reusing and recycling. We appreciate that today's customers are educated and concerned about the environment and invite you to marvel at the job our boatmen have done in keeping the river's beauty for all to appreciate.

Trees around the River Stour in Canterbury