Boat by the Weaver's restaurant A boatman rowing up the River Stour Member of staff on the King's Bridge, Canterbury Rowing up the Stour One of our captains waving from a boat A boat giving a river tour Some happy customers on the bridge in Canterbury high street The Weavers on the Stour Staff on the bridge in Canterbury, Kent Rowing past ASK restaurant on a river tour

Boating And Punting In Canterbury Vintage Photographs

Punting in Canterbury by Old Weavers buildingCanterbury punting by the Eastbridge Hospital

Punting in Canterbury by Old Weavers

This painting of Canterbury in years past displays the classic view of Canterbury by the Old Weaver's house from the Kings Bridge which really captures the romantic past of the River Stour.

Punting in Canterbury by Eastbridge Hospital

This classic black and white photo (year unknown) shows two gentlemen punting upstream on the River Stour from the Eastbridge Hospital to a destination unknown.

Canterbury boating with cathedral background

Canterbury boating with cathedral background

This delightful painting aptly displays a bygone era when small boats with sails were capable of navigating the bottom reaches of the Stour where the fields shown have now been replaced by Canterbury's coach park and Sainsburys shopping centre.

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