Chilling Tales

For the first time ever, in the 2016 Season Canterbury Historic River Tours hosted a Halloween Event! Chilling Tales aimed to offer something a bit different for Halloween, dismissing the usual fayre of cheesy jump scares for a more spine tingling show of storytelling, focusing on the dark and gruesome aspects of Canterbury’s past and local folklore.

It was no mean feat to organise, since it was decided that the company would not market any product we did not have total confidence in. After a lot of development, we had the product but did not have much time to put it all together. Nonetheless the hard work and team spirit of the boatmen prevailed and not only were the three nights a complete success, but Chilling Tales completely sold out! Feedback on the night was excellent, and all seemed to have an excellent time. A massive thank you must go to the Old Buttermarket Pub, who kindly supported the offer with a free pint of cask ale for those booking.

Don’t worry if you missed Chilling Tales this year; the event proved so successful that it is set to become a regular fixture of the River Tours Calendar, and we are really looking forward to taking it to the next level in Season 2017!

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