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Canterbury River Tours Access Statement

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.


Canterbury Historic River Tours offers guided rowing boat tours of the historic centre of the city of Canterbury, combining an enjoyable historical commentary with outstanding views of natural scenery. Canterbury Historic River Tours aims to welcome all who wish to enjoy our tour, however due to the unique and historic nature of our business, it is important to be aware of the access issues surrounding loading and unloading of the boats. It is also important to be aware that during the tour passengers must remain seated at all times, and that the tour also contains low bridges.

Our business is located in the centre of Canterbury where the River Stour crosses underneath Canterbury's High Street. Our staff welcome passengers from the Kings Bridge, which spans the river at this point. Passengers who have booked onto the tour are shown to the boats by our staff, who walk them down All Saints Lane and through the back garden area of Wildwood restaurant, situated in the historic Old Weavers House. The high street and All Saints lane are lightly cobbled. The Weavers House is an historic building, and the route through to the jetty contains several small steps. Our staff assist passengers to step onto the boats, and can offer loading blocks to assist those with difficulty in their movement. During the tour, our boatmen row the boat, and give a commentary of the sights visible from the river.

We recommend allowing one hour for your visit, as this accounts for the forty minute length of the tour, and ten minutes each for loading and unloading of the boats. Because of the unique and seasonal nature of our business, opening times may vary slightly, but in general we aim to open at 10am each morning, and close around 5pm seven days a week during our trading season, which, pending on weather and river conditions usually runs from the beginning of March until November. Please feel free to contact us with questions about our opening times on 07790534744, or alternatively email us with the following email address:

Accessing the Tour

We look to welcome all visitor's who wish to partake in our tour, however due to the nature of our business and historic property nature, there are certain restrictions, please feel free to contact the company for advice. We would also advise those with mobility problems but able to manage a few steps, and minimal walking, to partake in our tour at the quiet times of the day, early morning, late afternoon, where extra staff are able to dedicate more time to assist with passenger requirements.

-Passengers book onto the tour on the Kings Bridge, which is a lightly cobbled section of Canterbury's high street.

-Our staff then lead them down to All Saints Lane (a distance of approximately 20 yards), which is also lightly cobbled.

-From All Saints Lane, our staff lead them through a door to an alleyway which accesses the garden area of Wildwood restaurant.

-There is a single small step at the end of this alleyway leading into the garden proper. Our staff can assist wheelchair users in negotiating this step if necessary.

-The floor of the garden area is wooden decking.

-Three small steps lead from the garden area to the jetty.

-The boats themselves cannot be boarded by wheelchairs. Wheelchair users with limited mobility can however be assisted onto the boats by extra staff at the quieter times of day (Early morning/ Late afternoon), and then seated once on the boat.

-The jetty itself in the loading area has grip tape laid out to prevent slipping whilst boarding.

-The boats are double hulled dory type vessels, designed originally as safety boats They are designed for maximum buoyancy and stability.

-The floor of the boats are finished in anti-slip grip paint.

-Extra steps/loading blocks can be provided to assist those with movement difficulties in stepping onto the boat.

During the Tour

-Our boatman sits at the front of the vessel and rows.

-Passengers are seated around the boatman on wooden bench seats.

-Passengers are required to remain seated at all times to ensure the balance of the boat is maintained.

-The Tour contains low bridges, and this can give the illusion of confined space. Passengers are also required to mind their heads, and should be able to lower their heads/ backs to facilitate navigation.


Canterbury high street is pedestrianized, so there is no vehicle access during business hours. Public car parking is available very close to our trading location. We are also a short walk away from Canterbury West train station and Canterbury Bus Station.

Arrival by Car

There is no car park on site. The nearest public car parks are:

- Pound Lane (Pay and Display, CT12BZ)

You may also wish to visit this parking resource for disabled drivers.

Arrival by Park and Ride

-Approaching from Dover: New Dover Road CT13EJ

-Approaching from Thanet: Sturry Road CT11AD

-Approaching from Ashford: Wincheap CT13TY

Blue badge holders. Passengers alight at Canterbury Bus Station. For more information visit:

Arrival by Train

The closest train station is Canterbury West, which is approximately 5 minutes walk away from our attraction. Canterbury West Station has a passenger lift. It is also served by a taxi rank outside of its main entrance. For more information, visit National Rail Enquiries.

Arrival by Bus

The nearest bus stop is located at Westgate, approximately 2 minutes walk away from our business. Because of the way Canterbury's bus routes are organized, visitors may find it easier to alight at Canterbury Bus Station, at the top of Canterbury high street and walk from here. It is approximately 7 minutes walk from the bus station to our location. For further information refer to Stagecoach buses or call 08712002233

Public Toilets

Because of the location of our business we do not possess any on-site toilets, however there is an accessible public toilet located behind the Canterbury Visitor Information centre in the Beaney Museum and library approximately 1 minutes walk away.

Additional information

-Guide dogs are welcome on board our boats

-Staff are fully trained in best practice when loading and unloading our vessels

-Guides will tailor the tour to their audience, and can give detailed descriptions of the sights to those with vision problems.

-It is recommended that the best time for a physically disabled passenger to visit is either earlier on in the morning, or later in the afternoon, avoiding our busiest trading time and therefore giving us the best chance to offer the standard of service they deserve.

-Canterbury Historic River Tours reserves the right to refuse any passenger who is deemed a potential risk to the health and safety of other passengers.

-Canterbury Historic River Tours cannot accept responsibility for any eventualities which occur outside of the normal health and safety standards of Canterbury Historic River Tours.

Opening Times/Contact Us

Our opening times are dependent upon seasonal trading patterns, weather and river conditions. In general our season runs from March until November. We aim to be open seven days a week, and our standard opening hours are 10am until 5.00pm.

Feel free to contact us by telephone on 07790534744

By email:

Download our access statement in PDF format